Christopher has more energy than the Energizer Bunny! We had a wonderful time shopping. Gave me ideas and solutions that I never would have thought of. Fought for things he truly believed in, but was also sensitive to my needs and willing to compromise.

Every trade person he brought to the project was exceptional. Designed beautiful furniture. My entertainment center/ display unit is wonderful. Also, his tile designs for my bathrooms and floors are breathtaking.
Laurence and Sylvia Levine
Long Island, NY

When we begin a project, be it cabinetry or a complete design, we meet with the client. We prefer to meet in the space if possible, to get a good visual sense of the job. We get as much input as possible. We ask about what they are expecting from the work. We talk about color, materials and finishes. We try to establish the style and look they are trying to achieve. Clients with wish folders (clippings of things that they love) are a great help. We don't copy, but we can try to achieve a similar look.

We then talk about how we work. We can work on a commission basis. When we do that, I prefer to show all invoices to the client, so they know exactly what they are paying for and are not paying more than they should. They pay the vendors directly. The only money we accept is for the commission. We also can give a flat fee for a project, or shop with clients by the hour or day. We also discuss budget. We understand that sometimes a client will be reluctant to state a figure, feeling that we will spend it all even if it is not necessary. But it helps a great deal with the things that we present. So we can decide where we can conserve and where, for an important item, we can splurge.

We work on projects of any size. We feel that everyone should be able to use our services. We are more excited at finding a bargain than the client is.

We know that the best clients are by referral, so we treat each client with care and consideration in hopes of them telling their friends and colleagues about us.



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